Dental Negligence

Have you suffered from dental negligence ?

In the majority of cases, when you visit a dentist, your check up or treatment is carried out to a high standard.

However, sometimes this isn’t the case and as a result you may wish to make a dental negligence claim for any personal injury and the pain and suffering associated with it.

As with all healthcare professionals, your dentist has a duty of care to provide  safe and correct treatment by adhering to the correct procedures. You may be the victim of dental negligence if your dentist fails to do so by providing dental care that is below standard and results in your suffering a personal injury.

Types of Dental Negligence

Dentistry is an intricate area meaning things can go wrong in a number of areas. Types of dental negligence include:-

•  Inadequate treatment through dental negligence

•  Carelessness and Dental Negligence

•  Misdiagnosis from Dental Negligence


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