Miss-Sold PPI / Mortgages

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is currently making a   lot of news. This is because the FSA (Financial Services Authority), amongst others, is challenging the problem of poor selling or mis-selling of PPI.

 What is PPI?

If you have borrowed a loan, taken a mortgage, credit card or finance agreement,  you might have been instructed to sign up for a Payment Protection Insurance.   The intention is to help a borrower with meeting the repayments of a loan if they are incapable to hang onto the repayments due to illness, accident or redundancy. This is acceptable in theory, however, in practice, many individuals have had their entitlements turned down due to policy sections and eliminations.

PPI is also occasionally referred to as Loan Protection Insurance or Accident,  Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover

PPI, sold in the right conditions, can be considerate, however • Around 20 million PPI policies were miss-sold. • An assessed £8bn is payable to customers. • You may have been miss-sold and not even realise it • Even old PPI arrangements can succeed

Benefits To you • If we don’t succeed in recovering your cash back, you pay nil • You don’t even need a copy of your agreement! • The average PPI claim is about £3,000*, largest £86,000 till date. • Compensations in as little as 4 weeks

How to Claim     If you respond “yes” to even one of the enquiries underneath then you may     be entitled to peruse a claim for mis-sold PPI: • You were communicated that PPI was unavoidable. • You weren’t working full time when you signed the policy • You were sold a Payment Protection Insurance without you knowing. • You were not provided with complete facts when the insurance policy was sold to you. • You were not told that you could get PPI elsewhere. • The complete cost of the policy was not described to you.

Just fill out our claim form and we will contact you within the next 24 hours and help you peruse a claim for  PPI.

Our Costs    

Our cost is just 25% plus VAT of the entire reward amount we attain on your behalf. This is applicable only if your PPI claim is successful. There are no upfront costs for our services. If you claim is unsuccessful you have to pay nothing.