Motorbike Accident

MotorbikeAccidentPicHave you had a motorbike accident ?

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by anything from simple  surface defects and poor road conditions to oil spills, mud and other slippery     substances.

Victims of motorcycle accidents are particularly vulnerable  because of the lack of seatbelts and external protection, especially since motorbikes are less visible than other types of vehicles. Most motorbike accident  compensation claims can be successfully made against negligent car drivers, local authorities and even other motorbike users.

Since motorbikes are considered a ‘higher-risk vehicle than, for example cars, the claims process may take slightly longer.

In order to make a successful motorbike claim, there are a few procedures  to follow should you be unfortunate enough to experience a motorbike accident.  These are not mandatory, but they can help push the case forward and speed up the compensation claim process:

• Photos of the accident and scene.
• A description of damage to both vehicles and any clothing worn at the time of the accident.
• Contact details from eye-witnesses of the accident.

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