Industrial Disease

FactoryAccidentHave you discovered you are the victim of industrial disease ?

Even though workplaces whose employees are exposed to hazardous and harmful substances have been told to follow strict safety guidelines,  there are still some employers who neglect these rules and expose their employers to serious dangers.

Don’t worry if the company you worked for has been taken over or gone bust. Our team of specialist industrial compensation experts, will try their best to trace those responsible for your illness.

Some industrial diseases occur within a short period of time and others can take effect over longer periods of time; years and sometimes even decades.

Here are a few of the illnesses and conditions possible in the workplace:-

• Allergies

• Asbestos and mesothelioma cancer

• Carbon monoxide poisoning

• Pneumoconiosis

• Legionnaires disease

• Skin diseases

• Vibration white finger

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