Work Accident

WorkAccidentAccidents at work are not uncommon…..

They can occur in a variety of situations ….

They can happen regardless of where you work.

Types of work accidents that commonly occur are due to: –

• Faulty work equipment • Unsafe working practices • Lack of Health and Safety training • Inadequate protective clothing • Unguarded machinery • Poorly maintained work equipment  • Exposure to dangerous materials • Falls from height

It is your employers responsibility to ensure that you have  a safe working environment. Every employer as a matter of law has to have adequate Employer Liability Insurance in place to protect its employees.

In the event that you have sustained an injury at work and  you wish to seek compensation it is important to note that it is your employers insurers that will be compensating you and not your employer directly.

Mr Parmar who is the Principal of the Practice, and Mrs Fiona Collings who is the Head of the Litigation Department, have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with a the whole spectrum of work related accidents.

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