Government Proposals to Tackle Compensation Claims Fraudsters

Parmar Solicitors Supports Government Proposals to Tackle Compensation Claims Fraudsters

Parmar Solicitors, specialists in no-win, no-fee legal representation across a wide range of cases, comments as the Government announces proposals to combat the fake whiplash claims currently costing insurance firms and drivers billions of pounds each year.

As fraudulent whiplash claims continue to rise, the Government has announced plans to target fake claimants—as of next year, under the new system, only evidence from accredited professionals will be taken into account when claims are assessed. More than 500,000 whiplash claims were made in Britain last year, costing the insurance industry approximately £2bn and adding £90 to the average premium. There have also been recent calls for cars to be fitted with in-vehicle cameras, as both a deterrent and a tool for gathering evidence.

“Crash-for-cash” schemes have become more common in recent years, in which fraudsters stage accidents—by deliberately crashing into other vehicles—in order to make whiplash claims. These new Government proposals will require a panel of qualified professionals to assess each whiplash case and validate its worth. As a legal team offering representation in road traffic accident cases, Parmar Solicitors supports all moves towards tackling fraudsters.

“The Government’s proposal to cut the number of fraudulent cases is highly encouraging, and we wholeheartedly support all efforts to stop so-called ‘crash-for-cash’ schemes,” said Beth Highton of Parmar Solicitors. “We condemn all fraudulent claims, and those unethical firms which choose to take them—we will only ever support genuine claimants. Alongside the Government’s new system, technological breakthroughs (such as in-vehicle cameras) are a highly useful tool in combating fraudsters, and hopefully will prove effective in taking our roads back.”

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